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Unsurprisingly, because of traditional role allocation, women do 76% of childcare and 72% of unpaid work overall. They also do 67% of domestic work, doctor home loan rate Oak Laurel 69% of care of adults and 57% of volunteering. Thorpe says its important to put a dollar figure to this unpaid work in order to acknowledge it, and to encourage governments and employers to factor it into their planning. If, for instance, travelling with children was regarded in the same way as paid work as contributing to the economy then planners may account for it in their expectations of traffic flow on the roads, infrastructure and public transport timetables. We build a whole lot of infrastructure on the basis of moving people around in peak hour times and often moving them to CBDs and hubs in the city, but there is actually a large workforce that doesnt travel in that type of way, Thorpe says. If we think of them as a workforce, are we providing the right transport, support, infrastructure for that group especially when doctor home loan program Oak Laurel 0430129662 oaklaurel.com.au they are three times the size of the financial services industry? Thorpe says if unpaid care of children was paid, it would have a lobby group looking after its interests. This is a point also made by a recent OECD report , which says any cost-benefit simulation used as a basis for employment and welfare spending decisions must include areas such as health and childcare. While childcare takes up the lions share of unpaid work, domestic duties account for 8%, followed by care of adults at 0.9% and then volunteering at 0.5%. The $15.4bn value of care of adults, often elderly parents, could also be factored into the provision of services, such as training for family members taking on end-of-life care.