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Ed Husic, the shadow minister for the digital economy, says the dysfunctional arrangement is preventing shareholders from taking earlier action against banks doing the wrong thing. It comes as the treasurer, Scott Morrison , is calling on the business community to argue more strongly for the governments $48bn tax cuts, saying voters remain unconvinced about the value of tax cuts for big businesses. Related: Is there a housing bubble or isn't there? | Greg Jericho Speaking on ABC radio on Thursday, Husic said he welcomed last weeks move by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority to increase capital requirements for Australias banks given runaway house price growth in Sydney and Melbourne . But Husic said the move was a reactive one, and Australias banks should never have been allowed to issue so many investor and interest-only loans. Ive had for some time concerns that Apra is in a co-dependent relationship with banks, he said. They find out the bad behaviour but they never actually drag out the bad performing physician home construction loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 banks into the public light. The reason they [do] that is because they dont want to affect those banks that are listed, and [which] might have a run by shareholders, or they actually see a benefit of those banks cooperating behind the scenes, because [the banks] are worried about being exposed. The best antidote is sunlight, and if we do have bad players their practices should be exposed, and shareholders should be in a position where they can take action against management teams that are doing the wrong thing. Related: Reserve Bank head warns house price speculation is doctor home mortgage loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 a risk to Australian economy A co-dependent relationship is a dysfunctional one in which one person enables anothers addiction, irresponsibility or under-achievement. Husics criticism of the banking regulator comes days after data showed Sydney property prices surged almost 20% over the past year , putting the city at the front of a nationwide trend that has seen dwelling values increase by 12.9% on average.